SIM Sales & Distribution

Compliance-First SIM Sales

  • Real RICA’s, Real Subscribers:
    We use technology to ensure each RICA is performed using either a valid South African ID or foreign national Passport, which is verified using the latest OCR technology on-device.
  • Additional KYC:
    KYC (Know Your Customer) is not just important and useful for compliance, but we also strive to ensure our customers know us and that we know them, giving our customers a suite of apps and tools to further enhance their profile with us, whilst still maintaining compliance of all privacy regulations, such as POPIA. 

Why does it matter?

Non-compliance with the RICA Act, such as pre-RICAd SIMs and incorrect details being captured is widespread and has become “accepted”. The RICA act is legislation that, in our opinion, has never been properly enforced.

But that doesn’t mean the non-enforcement and non-compliance status quo will last forever.

Globally, the vast majority of countries are trending toward increased data compliance and regulation, along with digital identity tracing. With modern technology making the tools available for proper registration widely accessible, authorities see fewer hurdles to increase the regulatory requirements of all mobile networks to comply with RICA using proper KYC protocols. We’re future-proofing our business by ensuring we over-comply with requirements Now, so we don’t have to face the daunting challenge of trying to get a huge base compliant when (not IF) the law eventually changes.